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What is "vmnet-natd"? — Process safety information — MacInside (Beta)
vmnet-natd is the VMware NAT daemon that serves the private "vmnet8" VMware virtual switch by default. It is a "proxy" between the host TCP/IP stack and the virtual machines connected to vmnet8. As a result, it opens a raw ICMP socket on the Mac OS host TCP/IP stack to receive any responses to ping requests going out from VMs connected to vmnet8. The brief "connections" you are seeing are probably ICMP messages that the vmnet-natd daemon picks up, figures out that they are not in respose to any outgoing ping request, and ignores them. Open System Preferences; Sharing; Firewall; Unlock pane; Advanced; check Enable Stealth Mode. If you don't want to be pinged from the internet. They are harmless and you can safely ignore them. That is unless it is a security concern for you, in which case, we can probably figure out how to make vmnet-natd not open a ICMP raw socket until at least one VM is powered on and connected to vmnet8.
Operating system    
Apple / Mac OS X
File path    
/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/vmnet-natd
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