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What is "g2ax_systemstatusuihost CaSrvName=D6824506-5DC0-B748-BC3D-EBBCA915D1F1&CnxnPtName=1A3EB83A-620C-4A17-914A-4CD6F3DD23F0&Index=0&Debug=On&Stat=On&StatDb=On"? — Process safety information — MacInside (Beta)
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Operating system    
Apple / Mac OS X
File path    
/Library/Application Support/CitrixOnline/GoToAssist CaSrvName=D6824506-5DC0-B748-BC3D-EBBCA915D1F1&CnxnPtName=1A3EB83A-620C-4A17-914A-4CD6F3DD23F0&Index=0&Debug=On&Stat=On&StatDb=On
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