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What is "cfprefsd daemon"? — Process safety information — MacInside (Beta)
The on-disk property list files used by CFPreferences have always been a private implementation detail, but in previous releases, directly modifying them has mostly worked (though there are some potential data-loss issues for applications that do so, even on previous systems). In 10.8 and later, the CFPreferences agent process (cfprefsd) will cache information from these files and asynchronously write to them. This means that directly modifying plist files is unlikely to have the expected results (new settings will not necessarily be read, and may even be overwritten). You should use the NSUserDefaults or CFPreferences APIs, or the defaults(1) command, to interact with the preferences system.
Operating system    
Apple / Mac OS X
File path    
/usr/sbin/cfprefsd daemon
Next steps    
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