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What is "pdf"? — Process safety information — MacInside (Beta)
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Apple / Mac OS X
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//HP/Photosmart%20C8100%20series?serial=MY77VB708Y04YH 607 johndavidson Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide 1 document-name=Print\ job.pdf Resolution=300x300dpi AP_D_InputSlot= pserrorhandler-requested=standard nocollate media=Letter PaperInfoIsSuggested..b. HPColorMode=colorsmart AP_ColorMatchingMode=AP_VendorColorMatching HPDuplex=None DestinationPrinterID=HP_Photosmart_C8100_series\ Davidson HPPaperSource=Tray1 ColorModel=RGB HPGrayscaleMode=high-quality MediaType=automatic\ Letter\ Letter noPDFIsProtected..b.\ Camp\ Assistant HPICCProfileId=1 OutputMode=frontpanel noHPInvalidPaperSize\ Camp\ Installation\ &\ Setup\ Guide noHPMirrorFlip HPSimpleImageEnhancement=basic job-uuid=urn:uuid:413787fa-9e03-3ce9-5f88-daae448a778a
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