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What is "llipd"? — Process safety information — MacInside (Beta)
"llipd" is a background process used by Parallels to manage IP communication. Sometimes llipd has been known to create CPU problems or uninstallation problems, usually because it is registered by Parallels as a start up item.

If you're trying to uninstall Parallels and find you can't delete llipd, move it to the trash and restart your machine then "Secure Empty Trash (this works because trashed items won't be run even if registered as start up items).

If on the other hand llipd is creating CPU problems, use terminal and issue a sudo kill -STOP pid command (where PID is the process id, obtainable by typing ps -wwax | grep llipd. Then type sudo kill -CONT pid to restart it. (The KILL command in this case doesn't kill the process because you're issuing the -STOP / -CONT options.)
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