MacInside is a library of information about processes and application running on your Mac. You can use it to learn about the hidden processes and applications running on your system, get recommendations for similar applications using our tagging system and make sure that your system is safe and secure.

To get started browse our online library of Apple Mac processes and applications.

Why is this useful & important?
Apple computers and Macs are becoming more and more popular. How many people do you know who own an Apple product — Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPods — you name it and somebody near you has got it. What this means however is that Mac systems are fast becoming more attractive to hackers, spammers and virus creators.

MacInside is the place where the Mac community can share information about which applications and processes are safe to use and which are the ones you should get rid of as soon as possible to protect your system and information!

Apple Mac Cleanup and Protection:

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